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Jingchem Corporation, formerly known as Beijing Chemical Industry Group Import & Export Co., possesses salient resources and has developed not only a strong company reputation, but more importantly, a noteworthy impact on society. Jingchem boasts a full range of qualifications in handling chemical business and has a total annual trade volume of over USD80 million.Jingchem has also established wholly owned subsidiaries in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Jingchem is China's most representative operator of "conventional trade" in the chemical industry. Our business has projected the trajectory of industrial development in China, and the technological value of our products has been steadily increasing. After years of engaging in "conventional trade", we have found our most reliable partners to be firms and their exemplary strength in research and development. In order to satisfy customer needs, we combine their demands with our partners' thorough capabilities in R&D, production and inspection. This involves considering a number of variables such as products, technology, equipment and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). All through us, what our customers gain is a production platform with developmental capacity while our partners obtain a clear understanding about the market demands and trends. All of these enable each party to grow and prosper over time.

To better capitalize on the information resources in "conventional trade" in this day and age, we have put forward the concept of "technological trade". This involves constantly improving our marketing team and providing our customers more specialized services aimed to add value to products because of technology. Thanks to technological engagement, business itself is constantly increasing in value and consistently earning us approval from our cooperative partners and customers.

Meanwhile, we have realized multi-development. Our business has developed to acting world famous brands, based on our mature import and export experiences and platform, along with our new marketing channels of e-commerce and entity stores. In conclusion, we have succeeded in making our way for high-end home accessories.

We strive to provide professional trade services, product technologies and information unmatched in quality by abiding by the tenets of "Quality, Integrity, Efficiency and Mutual benefit" (QIEM), supporting trade via technology and facilitating technology through trade. Looking toward the future, we at Jingchem have complete confidence in the chemical industry and in fulfilling our obligation to further socially responsible and environmentally sustainable development.