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Brand Introduction:
- Established in 1985 in Germany, one of the biggest home accessory brand in Europe
- World highest grade stainless-steel made home accessories
- Professional designers from all over the world
- Simple and free style, excelsior on every aspect
- More than 2500 stores in over 30 countries
- Zack is the center of attention in the highest rank exhibition that is held twice a year in Paris, Frankfurt, Birmingham and Milan.

Material of Zack:
- 18/10 medical used stainless-steel, AKA, 316 stainless-steel (+18%chromium, +10%nickel)
- Better resistant to corrosion, no detach of metal ions
- 18/10 stainless-steel is mainly used in making medical equipment and tableware, for its outstanding performance of durability

1.1 Sole agency: we have acquired the sole agency of Zack in Chinese area.

1.2 Websites:
       Chinese official website: www.zackchina.com
       Germany official website: www.zack.eu
       Taobao shop website: http://zackchina.taobao.com/

1.3 Exhibition of product series:
1.3.1 Bar series: Mainly designed for wine. Products range from wine stopper, corkscrew, ice bucket, decanter, cocktail shaker to wine rack and etc.

1.3.2 Kitchen series: Mainly designed for kitchen supplies. Products range from kitchen roll holder, spice jar, spoon rack, oil can, creamer to pizza equipment and etc.

1.3.3 Table ware series: Mainly for table supplies. Products range from spice jar, pot mat, spoons, fruit basket, cups, tray, miller, paper holder, coffee pot, tea pot to astray and etc.

1.3.4 Living room series: Mainly designed for bedroom and living room. Products range from clock, coat rack, suit rack, key box, coat hooks to storage bucket and etc.

1.3.5 Bathroom series: Mainly designed for all bathroom accessories. Products range from toilet paper hanger, cleaning rack, toilet brush, storage rack, towel bar, cosmetic box, dispenser, glass scrape, toothbrush rack, waste bin, soap dish, cosmetic mirror to hooks and etc.


2. Microdry

Brand introduction:
- Headquarters in New York, America
- Specialized in developing and leading healthy and fashion home accessories
- Famous for its unique style of elegant and simple, classic and fashion
- Perfectly combined the infinite softness and coziness with simple fashion

Products concentrate on bath series: including bath mat, toilet mat, toilet lid mat, towel, bathing towel, facial towel, handkerchief, dry hair towel, bath robe, bath skirt, bath pillow and etc.