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Jingchem (Hong Kong) Limited:
    - Established in Hong Kong, in 2000
    - Wholly owned subsidiary of Jingchem Corporation
    - Annual Turnover: more than 20 million USD

Hong Kong, the world most free trade port, a paradise of trade, enjoys exceptional advantages for its unique historical background, geographical location, well-established infrastructures and a sound legal system.

Advantages of Jingchem (Hong Kong) Limited:
1. Deal with all legal trades.
2. Low tax rates, fewer categories of taxes, reasonable tax avoidance.
3. Population free to go in and out (VISA free agreement by hundreds of nations), logistics free to go in and out (No Custom Tax for goods in or out; Speedy Air, Sea and Land Custom clearance); money free in or out (No exchange rates, exchange all kinds of currencies at will, no limitation on money in or out), Convenient communications between internal or external companies.
4. Easy to access international credits. After gained credits from Hong Kong Bank, financing or opening a Letter of Credit to overseas companies can be done directly. Allow companies lower their operating costs. Middle or small companies can apply to Hong Kong government for Assistant Loan. 
5. Using the popularity of Hong Kong to create our own brand, so as to enhance our competitiveness.
6. International recognized credibility effect for all Hong Kong registered companies' files go to public.

                               Certificate of Overseas Investment

Address: Unit 1806, Singga Commercial Centre, 144-151 Connaught Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.
Tel: (+86 10) 8731 0158
Email: info@jingchem.com