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As the interlayer combination of natural flake graphite is relatively lose, graphite inter-layer compound (Expandable graphite) can be obtained through chemical treatment or electrochemical treatment.

The expandable graphite is a kind of high-ranking sealing material. With features of heatproof, abrasive resistance, anticorrosion, oxidation resistance, great surfactivity and strong adsorbability, it is a replacement for traditional sealing materials such as asbestos, rubber and some metallic materials in making various sealing parts in pump, valve, pressure vessel and pipelines.

With high adsorbability over petroleum product (Such as heavy oil), expandable graphite is commonly used as new-type sorbent in environment protection for oil pollution in river, lake, sea and drinking water source.

                before expansion                                        after expansion
Specifications of expandable graphite:

Specifications of sulfur-free expandable graphite:
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