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Glass lined and non-glass lined equipment: Reactors, heat exchangers, storage tanks, distillation stills, agitators & discharges.

Note: We can provide clients with comprehensive solutions for trade-related issues such as applying for Export License for Sensitive Items and Technologies of PRC., making arrangements for container shipping, etc.

Glass-lined equipment is a steel shell chemical vessel and with very good corrosion-resistant lining. It has double advantages of chemical resistance of glass and pressure-bearing ability. It has been widely employed in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, metallurgical and food industries etc..

Jingchem has series of Glass-lined equipment: Glass-lined polymerization reactor, Glass-lined reactor, Glass-lined heat exchanger, Glass-lined storage tank,  Glass-lined still, Glass-lined agitator, Glass-lined thermometer sleeve, Glass-lined discharge valve etc..

Glass lining HTLP-4

Glass lining UNIVR S-99
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